Meals will be your responsibility, but plenty of food options will be available both on the route and in each of the host communities.

FlippinFlapjacksRTR will provide a combination of the following light snacks and beverages at aid stations during the Tour:

• Skratch Hydration Mix
• Water
• Pretzels
• Animal crackers
• KIND Bars
• Fruit

In addition to these free items, route vendors will set up at each of the aid stations and provide heartier meal options for a cost. Anticipated route vendor menus will be made available in the spring.

Host communities will provide inexpensive community meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the HQ or Entertainment site. Prior to the Tour, a complete menu for each town will be available and specific locations and hours will be outlined in the Mapbook that you receive on Registration Day. If community meals aren’t for you, restaurants and grocery stores will be accessible via the RTR shuttles.