What is a Peak Pedaler?

Every year Ride The Rockies selects 3 to 5 Tour participants who share our excitement for the ride to become guest bloggers a part of the Peak Pedaler Program. You will have the opportunity to tell your story through photos and blog posts as you train during the weeks leading up to the event and while you explore the state during the ride itself. Your pictures and posts will be featured on the Ride The Rockies website and shared via social media.

Who is the ideal Peak Pedaler?
The perfect Peak Pedaler is someone with an interesting perspective and a knack for storytelling. Peak Pedalers will be selected to write with a specific focus based on their walk of life and their identity. Are you “The Family Guy” or “The Flatlander”? Maybe you are “The Professional” or “The Mom”? If you think your lifestyle can give a unique perspective to the Ride The Rockies experience, you may be the Peak Pedaler we are looking for.

Interested applicants will submit a photo, along with an explanation of why they want to be a Peak Pedaler and what unique perspective they would bring to the ride. Next, we post all submissions on the Ride The Rockies social media networks. The public (including your friends) will vote for their favorites and the winners will move on to the next round. Early entries are encouraged – the sooner you enter, the sooner you can start collecting votes!

Folks who receive the most votes on social media will advance to the 2nd round where their written entries and perspectives will be examined by event organizers. We’ll be looking for writing or photography chops, where you’re from and what angle you’ll be bringing to the blogging, as well as your ability to meet the program requirements. Winners will be contacted, announced on social media and posted on the RTR website.

Please note that all interested candidates must be accepted into the 2017 Tour.

Each Peak Pedaler will be asked to:
1) Submit a photo (good headshot) and 250-word bio within a week of being notified.
2) Have a phone interview with Peak Pedaler manager within one week of selection to discuss specific requirements and correspondent’s plan.
3) Work with Peak Pedaler manager to submit a proposal for scheduled posts.
4) Submit to Peak Pedaler manager 2-3 blog posts per month from April – June. Blog posts are at most around 500 words, and may consist of photos, captions, or original writing by the Peak Pedaler. Each post should include AT LEAST one photo.
5) Submit to Peak Pedaler manager 3-4 blog posts over the course of Ride Week, and one post within a week after the Ride is over.
6) Help promote posted blog posts on personal social media sites and a minimum of two relevant social media interactions per month (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, personal blog).

In return, Peak Pedalers will receive:
1) Guaranteed entry into Ride The Rockies in 2018 (does not include registration fee).
2) A new cycling helmet
3) Public recognition at events and on website.
4) The opportunity to promote their cause or tell their stories by sharing their posts and photos of training, riding and exploring the state of Colorado.

Peak Pedalers will work continually with the Ride The Rockies Peak Pedaler manager, who may edit posts for length, clarity, subject matter, and relevance. Every effort will be made to work WITH Peak Pedalers and make edits in collaboration, but the Peak Pedaler manager reserves the right to make final edits as necessary to post in a timely manner.

If selected, plagiarism and/or the use of photos that do not belong to the Peak Pedaler will not be accepted on any accounts. If Ride The Rockies is accused of plagiarism or the use of photo stock photography on the account of a Peak Pedaler, the blogger will be held responsible for paying all fines.

Votes for the Peak Pedaler contest are tallied by counting likes and mentions on:
• Ride The Rockies Facebook
• Mentions of the contestant’s hashtag on Twitter
• Mentions of the contestant’s hashtag on Instagram
• Likes on Ride The Rockies Instagram
Likes you receive on a Facebook posting on your own page cannot be counted — we can only count Facebook likes and shares on the Ride The Rockies page itself.

March 24th - April 14th: submit online applications
April 18th - 25th: Online voting
April 25th - 26th: Winners notified
April 28th: Winners announced on Facebook

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the feminist peak pedaler 2016

I think it's so incredibly important to inspire more women to ride bikes as it's such a male-dominated sport. Cycling has brought me immense amount of confidence and self-esteem and I want to help other women realize what cycling can do for them.

Cycling has transformed me from an introvert that was very introverted into an introvert who loves to network with new friends, talk about bikes, nutrition, traveling and fun…and most of all inspire others.

I have the experience of years of writing that I’d like to bring to the RTR Peak Pedaler crew. Combine my writing skills with my off-the-chart energy and enthusiasm and you have the best darn cheerleader blogger. Like, ever. Vote for Back in the Saddle Again by liking or commenting on this pic on Facebook (or using hashtag #saddle and #ridetherockies on Twitter or Instagram).

I have the experience of years of writing that I’d like to bring to the RTR Peak Pedaler crew. Combine my writing skills with my off-the-chart energy and enthusiasm and you have the best darn cheerleader blogger. Like, ever.

ride with purpose peak pedaler 2016

Come "join" the ride and support Team Christopher as we train for and challenge our goals, and commitment to “Ride with Purpose” in this year's Ride the Rockies.