Whether you are a first-time participant or a veteran of the Tour, you will most likely have a number of questions. The Rider Manual is your source to a safe, rewarding and fun experience this June.

The 2017 Rider Manual will be issued in three volumes, so be sure to tune into each edition. Manuals will be sent to all accepted participants as an electronic PDF. If accepted in the 2017 Tour, the first edition will be sent in your RTR acceptance email on March 3.

If you'd like to get a feel for what is included in the Rider Manual, please use the 2016 editions as a sample resource.

NOTE: Rider Manuals speak to 2016 and not all of the content may be applied to 2017.

The manual includes important information regarding:

  • Cancellations
  • Transportation
  • Bicycle shipping & receiving
  • Lodging accommodations & camping
  • Weeklong parking
  • RV's
  • Support services
  • Safety tips & riding rules
  • Meals
  • Equipment & conditioning
  • What to pack
  • $10 off coupon for a bicycle tune-up at our partnering bike shops
  • And more