The Anti-Hammer Manifesto

Middle-Aged GasperLove of the Game, Peak Pedaler


(told in the voice of Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty) HEY!  You Hammer-Heads! You know who you are. You think that from the moment you mount a bike, you should go all-out, fast as Hell. That somehow, unless you are hammering all the time (pedaling at full-out effort, high-speed averages to the non-cyclist), even uphill, for Heaven’s sake, that somehow … Read More

Crossing the Line

Dan GrunigCulture, Love of the Game, Peak Pedaler

The joy of finishing Ride The Rockies was tempered by the thoughts of people working on fire lines in the state. Closing ceremonies acknowledged their work and commitment. The final day concluding in Colorado Springs brought an expectation of more cars, more traffic lights and a more urban experience. It turned out that the ride ended quickly on the west … Read More

Learning from pace lines

Ingrid MullerCulture, Love of the Game, Peak Pedaler

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past week, it’s that there’s nothing like a good wind to make everyone go a little paceline-crazy. And it has become a treasured concept to me, the idea of sharing among people who may not even know each other. It’s no longer about the lone cyclist — it turns a group of strangers … Read More

Riding the Rockies Away from Home

Michael OlivierKids, Love of the Game, Peak Pedaler

Taking second place.

I write this from the far corner of the fields in Durango, where I just helped put my kids to bed. The importance of it is A: they are back in Fort Collins, so it was done over the phone (which if you’ve never tried to hold a conversation with a 2.5 year old over the phone, I highly recommend … Read More

People, pancakes and portos, oh my.

Ingrid MullerLove of the Game, Peak Pedaler, Prep

The season’s organized rides are kicking into gear, filling the roads around Colorado with huge masses of cyclists and support staff. As I’ve picked up my own training efforts and mileage, often joining some of these groups, I’ve been reminded why I love some organized rides…and why they also make me crazy. You get to experience the best of the … Read More

Introducing: The Prodigal Blogger

Ingrid MullerLove of the Game, Peak Pedaler

My name is Ingrid Muller, and I’m a freelance graphic and web designer living in Boulder, CO. This will be my eighth Ride The Rockies tour; I’ve also been blogging and reporting from the tour for my former employer, The Denver Post, for the past five of them. I began road cycling back in 2004, just a year after moving … Read More

Introducing: The Team

Jeff ThomasKids, Lifestyle, Love of the Game, Peak Pedaler

Kathy and I honeymooned on bikes, touring the leafy roads of Vermont. For nearly 30 years afterward, we would ride the neighborhood together, often with one of our three kids in the trailer. But I would ride epics alone. That’s a challenge of long rides on separate bikes: It can be tough to keep the group together. Stronger riders grit … Read More