Final Approach

Michael OlivierPeak Pedaler, Photos, Training

You’re going to ride how far? When I first mentioned to my (ever-loving) wife that I wanted to do Ride the Rockies – weeks after we moved to Fort Collins, CO – her first response is, “You’re nuts.” In her defense, she was correct. I hadn’t really ridden since the previous summer as I spent all of my free time … Read More

People, pancakes and portos, oh my.

Ingrid MullerLove of the Game, Peak Pedaler, Prep

The season’s organized rides are kicking into gear, filling the roads around Colorado with huge masses of cyclists and support staff. As I’ve picked up my own training efforts and mileage, often joining some of these groups, I’ve been reminded why I love some organized rides…and why they also make me crazy. You get to experience the best of the … Read More

Wheels down at the U.S. Air Force Academy

Jeff ThomasPeak Pedaler, Training

It is among America’s most rigorous institutions of higher learning. It takes high-achieving kids and turns them into premier leaders. It forms the backbone of the United States fighter-pilot corps. But today, class, the lesson we will learn about the United States Air Force Academy is this: It is one sweet place to ride your bike. Map here. For a … Read More

My Favorite Fort Collins Weekday/End Rides

Michael OlivierPeak Pedaler, Photos, Training

Carter Lake

Occasionally, I get a morning off during the middle of the week. Mostly, however, my training rides — the real ones, where I strap my cycling shoes into my clipless pedals and push myself as far and as hard as time permits — are relegated to evenings and weekends. Trying to narrow down my favorite Fort Collins route is hard. … Read More

Bridging the Gap

Dan GrunigCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Summertime in Colorado brings so many great traditions, among them Ride The Rockies. Another summer tradition seems to be media trying to provoke tensions between cars and bicycles on our roads. This year’s RTR crosses one of world’s highest suspension bridges over the Royal Gorge, but there is another gap that bicyclists need to cross: We need to do our … Read More

100 Miles of Nowhere

Leslie ShapiroNutrition, Peak Pedaler, Training

At the time, it seemed like a brilliant idea: Ride 100 miles in as small a loop as possible. Easy! And, it’s for charity. Awesome! But after 5 hours, with 15 miles still to go, my mental capacity was at broccoli level and dropping fast. I wondered – do those discarded candy wrappers on the putting green have any candy … Read More

Doing Double Duty

Michael OlivierEvents, Peak Pedaler, Training

The Question: Am I Strong Enough? As a stay-at-home dad – and someone who is constantly working on “projects” from home-made panniers to quilts to furniture building to cooking to making my son dragon wings – I am constantly finding ways to maximize my limited time in the saddle. My first step was buying the Xtracycle Radish (and it’s predecessor, … Read More

Close Climbs to Denver

Sherry SchulzPeak Pedaler, Scenery, Training

Each of us want to try and get as much climbing as possible done before the big tour–but it isn’t always easy to get way up there in the mountains for good climbing. Late-season snowfall adds an extra layer of challenge. With limited hours in the day (and limited days before the start of the tour), here are some scenic … Read More

A new beginning through cycling

Ingrid MullerCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Take a look at past articles about Ride The Rockies, and you’ll find there are common themes among many of the cyclists: overcoming odds, celebrating life, improving health, discovering hidden strengths. Extraordinary events have a way of bringing out the best in human nature, and Ride The Rockies is one of those extraordinary events. It demands rigorous training, strong resolve, … Read More

What biking has taught us about parenting

Jeff ThomasKids, Peak Pedaler, Training

It was one of those rare, springlike March weekends warm enough for a ride. Kathy and I hopped on our tandem, and our 15-year-old son, Joseph, clipped into his single bike. Destination: Castle Rock, about 45 miles from our Colorado Springs home. There, our daughter, our car and our bike carriers would be waiting to haul us back home. Our … Read More