It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling!

Leslie ShapiroGear, Peak Pedaler

Biking can be serious business. Very serious. Intervals and hill repeats. Power meters and heart rate zones. Sweat rates and carbo-loading. But, it also can be fun. Lots and lots of fun. In my opinion, a bike that’s fun to ride is going to get ridden more. There are days that I don’t feel like going out, but I look … Read More

Training to Be At Home

Michael OlivierKids, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

One morning last week (the day before the – gulp – last snow of the season), despite the cool temperatures and impending storm, my 4yo son insisted on riding his own bike (which has never had training wheels, he will tell anyone) alongside me and his 2yo sister on the Xtracycle Radish. I encourage him to make his own decisions … Read More

Introducing: The Advocate

Dan GrunigCulture, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

“What Colorado needs is a lot fewer bicyclists on the roads…” Blissfully naive. That described me ten years ago, heading into my first experience testifying at the state legislature in support of better bicycle laws. Riding bicycles improves people’s health, reduces congestion and helps households save money. Why wouldn’t everyone want more bicycling? I found out quickly that love for … Read More

Get dirty: Why messy training is good training

Ingrid MullerPeak Pedaler, Training, Weather

Anyone who lives in Colorado knows the weather can change on a dime — sunny and 70 degrees one day, blizzard and 20 degrees the next. We received more than 50 inches of snow in April alone. It makes training a little … inconsistent, if you’re not an indoor-trainer sort of cyclist. Which I’m not. My fluid trainer is now … Read More

If you can’t get outside to ride

Jeff ThomasPeak Pedaler, Prep, Training

It would be nice if we actually had some spring weather to go with our RTR spring training. In Colorado, April’s cycling weather was pretty crummy, and so far May is doing a fine impression of February. Some of us will be lucky to get three weekends of outdoor training rides before we all head to Telluride. If you can’t … Read More

Cycling the Front Range Community

Michael OlivierCulture, Events, Peak Pedaler

The Horsetooth Reservoir in the Front Range just west of Fort Collins, CO

I still wear my Asheville Bicycle Racing Club (ABRC) kit whenever I go out on a training ride. Besides being a Hincapie kit that fits as if George himself were cradling you in his hands and pulling you along the wind-stricken roads north and east of town, it’s a great conversation starter. “Hey, you from Asheville? Asheville, NC? You know, … Read More

Introducing: The Prodigal Blogger

Ingrid MullerLove of the Game, Peak Pedaler

My name is Ingrid Muller, and I’m a freelance graphic and web designer living in Boulder, CO. This will be my eighth Ride The Rockies tour; I’ve also been blogging and reporting from the tour for my former employer, The Denver Post, for the past five of them. I began road cycling back in 2004, just a year after moving … Read More

Introducing: The Flying Frenchman

Michael OlivierKids, Lifestyle, Peak Pedaler

Born and raised in the flats of southeastern Michigan and aged like a Scottish ale for 16 years in the oak barrel forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I bought my first Bianchi Brava a few weeks after my (now 4yo) son was born so I could commute to work. Maybe it was the endorphin rush of being a new … Read More

Introducing: The Team

Jeff ThomasKids, Lifestyle, Love of the Game, Peak Pedaler

Kathy and I honeymooned on bikes, touring the leafy roads of Vermont. For nearly 30 years afterward, we would ride the neighborhood together, often with one of our three kids in the trailer. But I would ride epics alone. That’s a challenge of long rides on separate bikes: It can be tough to keep the group together. Stronger riders grit … Read More