Spoke’n Wheels

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler, Prep

“I’d go with the 32. You’ll want a bailout gear on those long climbs,” Jason explained to me over the phone. I was calling from swampy Florida and needed some serious help on equipment recommendations for Ride the Rockies. I was pretty sure that my current setup would assure agony in the mountains. I was getting lots of advice from ... Read More

Easy Out!

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

“Easy out!” yelled Lanny as the light turned green and we clicked into our pedals and started rolling. So begins another group ride in southwest Florida, which are insanely fast, and my hoped for key to Ride the Rockies! We limit speeds on “easy” days to 22-25 MPH, and on “unlimited” days we often exceed 30 MPH. Yep, that’s what ... Read More

Lookout Mountain Ride

kleybaMichael Thornton, Peak Pedaler, Training

Look Out Mountain: Mike HammerToe’s about to gain a foothold ‘round your radio towers. For Denver riders, Lookout Mountain outside Golden provides some close-by climbing, with about 2300’ of elevation gain from downtown. I first climbed it over 50 years ago, when I was in my teens, with a couple of school chums and a fellow paperboy two years older, ... Read More

Meet Heart Transplant Guy

kleybaPeak Pedaler, Steve Ast, Training

Seems like #GatorGreg and I have one thing in common... our love for adventure (and maybe self-torture depending how the ride goes!) I’m a first time rider, mostly because I never had the physical ability to do this before. To bring you up to speed, on October 21, 2016, I received a heart transplant. I’m one of the lucky ones. ... Read More

The Road Ahead

kleybaAndrea James, Peak Pedaler

The road stretched out before me like a winding ribbon of freshly spun taffy at the state fair. I had stopped on the roadside to adjust the blonde braid that hung off to one side of my head. As I stood looking across the horizon, leaning on my bicycle, it was only the gentle curve of the earth that limited ... Read More

Meet Gator Greg

kleybaGreg Ruselowski, Peak Pedaler

Back in February in pancake-flat Florida it seemed like a good idea, but I’m now thinking that, um, Ride the Rockies might hurt a bit. I’ve read all about the distance, mountains, etc. and I’m pumped that I’m finally going to get my chance. But please help me understand Thin Air? Almost every comment on my Facebook page mentioned it: ... Read More

Snapshots, A Finish Line and Miracles

adminPeak Pedaler

We’ve finished. Ride The Rockies 2016 is a closed scrapbook of memories and, for this first timer, it wasn’t an epic event – it was biblical. Not an over exaggeration to describe this ride as biblical when considering the miracles I encountered each day. And the miracles were a huge help in answering: after RTR, should I continue to bike? … Read More

What an epic ride!

adminPeak Pedaler

What an epic ride!  My first Ride the Rockies is over but the memories, people I met, and sense of accomplishment this ride gave me will be a glorious part of my awe inspiring ride experiences. I chose the handle, “Ride with Purpose,” as I felt I needed to make the most of what I attempted. That may be my age, almost 63, … Read More

6 Days. 5 Lessons.

adminPeak Pedaler

  I’ve spent the past few days reflecting on my experience with Ride The Rockies, not only as a newbie, but as a female cyclist participant. The six biggest lessons I learned from this event is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone forces you to grow; strangers can be trusted and can be helpful; inclusivity is the key to … Read More

Greg The Giant

adminPeak Pedaler

Greg The Giant pulled me for 20 miles today. All that pulling of random strangers these past four days finally gave me the karma I deserved. Greg told me he plays a “close the gap” game with people on the road. I do this too. It helps pass the time and miles. Well, Greg told me he saw my pink … Read More