Remember to pack my brain

Dan GrunigNutrition, Peak Pedaler, Prep

Chilled, bonked, and cramping. As I left the aid station to complete the second half of the Elephant Rock ride on Sunday, I couldn’t hold back a semi-delirious chuckle at myself. I was laughing at the irony that I so carefully packed my mobile phone in a water-proof baggie and set up my ride-tracking app, yet I must have left … Read More

People, pancakes and portos, oh my.

Ingrid MullerLove of the Game, Peak Pedaler, Prep

The season’s organized rides are kicking into gear, filling the roads around Colorado with huge masses of cyclists and support staff. As I’ve picked up my own training efforts and mileage, often joining some of these groups, I’ve been reminded why I love some organized rides…and why they also make me crazy. You get to experience the best of the … Read More

If you can’t get outside to ride

Jeff ThomasPeak Pedaler, Prep, Training

It would be nice if we actually had some spring weather to go with our RTR spring training. In Colorado, April’s cycling weather was pretty crummy, and so far May is doing a fine impression of February. Some of us will be lucky to get three weekends of outdoor training rides before we all head to Telluride. If you can’t … Read More

Training for hills (when life gives you pancakes)

Leslie ShapiroPeak Pedaler, Prep, Training

I remember the first time I was accepted into Ride The Rockies. The coveted letter from the Denver Post announcing, “Oh, Happy Day! You’ve been accepted!” triggered both joy and fear in me. As an out-of-state rider, would I be able to ride 500 miles, in the Rocky Mountains?!? I was thrilled to have made it through the lottery, and … Read More