Day 3 – Tuesday, June 15, 2021
Cortez to Norwood
101 Miles/6,448’ Approximate Elevation Gain
Highlights: Lizard Head Pass, San Miguel River, Norwood Hill
Route opens: 5:00am – 8:00am
Route closes: 6:30pm

Day 3, known as the “Norwood Crusher”  is going to be a challenging day.  There will be extra SAG support as well as buses on the route and there is no shame in taking a ride if you need it. There are also options for riders staying in Telluride/Mountain Village hotels.  These are the options:

  1.  Mile 64.9   – The RTR route will take a left on to CR63L. Law enforcement will be onsite to assist with the left hand turn.   Riders that would like to ride their bikes directly to their hotels in Telluride can go straight on Rte 145.    IMPORTANT: The route on Rte 145 from that intersection to Telluride is not supported by RTR and you accept the risk of not continuing on the official route. No support means:  no signage, no course marshals, no SAGS, no medical, no mechanics, no aid stations. Riders would rejoin the route on Wednesday, June 16th and will ride their bikes from their hotels.  There will be no bikes shuttled from hotels to the Norwood start or to any point on the route. It is assumed riders that have bikes at the hotels will not start the Day 4 route in Norwood
  2. Mile 81.1  – (Aid Station #7 – Placerville Park) RTR will provide a 24 hour secured bike corral at Aid Station 7. Riders that are staying in Telluride can leave their bikes at the bike corral and take a shuttle to their hotels. On Wednesday, June 16th the shuttle will take riders from their hotels back to the Aid Station to pick up their bikes and join the ride. Please note that Aid Station #7 on 6/15 will be Aid Station #1 on 6/16. Bikes will not be shuttled from Aid Station #7 to Telluride
  3. Mile 100.4 – (Norwood Finish) There will be shuttles back and forth from Norwood to Telluride throughout the day and again in the morning on Wednesday, June 16th to start the ride. RTR provides hotel shuttles in each town. Anyone that finishes in Norwood would leave their bike at the secured bike corral at the Norwood Headquarters

If you have any questions please email Tour Director at