Who hasn’t DREAMED about Riding the Rockies?    Now DREAMS can come true.

Dreamers of ALL ages and abilities?  Did you know that over 80% of the people who buy & ride e-bikes do so because of health issues, and many are lifelong cyclists that have undergone knee replacement, or other serious medical conditions and are now able to participate again in the sport we all love?

Many want to come to the party but feel they can’t. What electric bikes have done is to level the playing field so that people of all skill levels, and challenges can participate, we are now inclusive!

It’s a myth that e-bikes riders will be zipping past everyone at high speeds and disrupting the other riders. The fact is they are usually the ones in the back with the big smile, like you they just want to be a part of it all.

For years many people have only dreamed about Riding the Rockies or Peddling the Plains, Now they can. We believe in including anyone that has the desire and passion, they just need a how.

BEST e-BIKES USA has partnered with Ride the Rockies & Pedal the Plains to provide vehicle support, battery charging, and a limited number of e-bike rentals to try, and best of all we have a SPECIAL PROGRAM TO BUY, RIDE, SELL your electric bike (However you will probably want to keep it) Please call us for more detail 720-746-9958 or check the website!