Join a Team

Join a Team!

The Featured Team Program (FTP) is a great opportunity for your organization, company, nonprofit, or private group to bond, make lasting memories and even fundraise for the charity of your choice.  From the moment you decide to do Ride The Rockies as a Featured Team, you’ll feel a spirit of camaraderie and support like you’ve never experienced before.  What a great way to tackle the challenge of Ride The Rockies! There are many benefits to being a part of the FTP – not the least of which is that for Podium and Paceline Teams, RTR can help encourage other riders to join your team.

If you are interested in joining an existing team, please check out the Podium and Paceline Teams.   Many of them are accepting members.   Check with the different teams directly.  for their requirements to be on their team.

If you are interested in being a Podium or Paceline Team please contact Bill Almquist

If you are interested in being a Peloton Team, go on to the registration page, create a team and start recruiting or feel free to contact Rachel Gillette

How to Create a Team in Registration?

  • Go to Registration Page (click here)
  • You will have 3 options:  Individual, Join a Team, Create a Team
  • Choose Create a Team
  • Once you have created the team, you will get a confirmation email and you will be the Team Captain
  • Then your team can just register under that team name
  • It’s that simple!