Outdoor Camping

Outdoor camping space will be provided to riders free of charge beginning Saturday, June 9.  No reservations are needed for outdoor camping.  You are required to set up and take down your own tent.

NOTE: There is no outdoor camping on Friday, June 8 at the Breckenridge Recreation Center.

Big Agnes:  The official camping sponsor of Day 2 & Day 3

 Indoor Camping

Indoor group accommodations are traditionally school gymnasiums and space is limited. You must provide your own sleeping bag and pad. Showers and restrooms will be available for those staying at Ride The Rockies’ facilities.

No reservations are needed for indoor camping.  You are required to provide all sleeping necessities such as sleeping bag, pillow, cot.  You will set up and take down your area.

Sherpa Packers– Valet Camping

A full service tent set-up and transportation service is available during the Tour by Sherpa Packers for an additional charge. If interested in a premier camping service please visit Sherpa Packers ; call 720-939-4569 or email sherpapackers@gmail.com  for rates.


B&B RV is very happy to provide a discount off of any existing rental prices/discounts, exclusively for Ride The Rockies participants, family, and friends during the Tour.    Check out their website for information.  When you make the reservation please make sure to tell them it is for the Ride The Rockies!

All RV’s will need to purchase a Private Caravan Pass to park in the Private Caravan area near Tour Headquarters.

Where does my bike sleep?

What do you do with your bike at the end of the day? Easy, you put it the Bike Corral at the HQ site! Each town will have a bike corral with volunteers keeping a watchful eye from 10:00 a.m. on the day of arrival until 9:00 a.m. on the day of departure. Security will ensure that the bike tag number on your bike matches the wristband number you’ve been assigned. No one will be allowed to remove a bike from the corral without proper identification. We recommend you bring a lock for use at other locations.