Class of 2015

Not Your Average Joe

I’ll never be a road racer, or a pro cyclist, but I love this sport! I’m a Colorado native and first time rider on RTR. I bring an upbeat and comic perspective to my writing. Contrary to my identity above, I fully expect to be in the middle of the pack. Where else would the class clown be, but in the thick of things cracking jokes and trying to make people laugh? I love the thought of being able to share my experiences on Ride The Rockies. Read Not Your Average Joe’s intro here.

Michigan Mini-Pumper

I’m a firefighter, EMT and an avid cyclist doing my best to train for the Rocky Mountains from the shores of Lake Michigan. I’m riding the same 60 ft. hill over and over…I think it’s helping! Nothing restores my soul like riding my bicycle. In the chaotic world of firefighting and EMS you can see the worst of the worst; that is one reason why I love jumping on my bike and riding. When I am on my bicycle all the worries and stresses of life melt away and they are replaced by the soothing wind in my face and picturesque views.  Read The Michigan Mini-Pumper’s intro here.

Bicyle Neophyte

I’ve been cycling 6 months. Yesterday, I reached the top of Sandia Crest Road. Pedaling just fast enough that gravity didn’t push me backwards while I leaned forwards. I have a very active imagination, recently rediscovered my love of writing, make friends exceedingly easily and can use an idiot camera like the best of ’em. Follow me while I bend my mind and body into stronger shape in order to ascend the beautiful RTR terrain with 2 months of training available to me. I’ve already signed up for 3 riding events in May that will help me prepare for Ride The Rockies. Seriously, what was I thinking when I signed up for the women’s road race in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic? I’ll try not to finish dead last, but I certainly won’t be at the winners circle. Read The Bicycle Neophyte’s intro here.

I am sixteen years old, have done Ride the Rockies three times under my own power, and am an avid cyclist. I can comment on how awesome climbing a mountain pass was, or how spooky the psycho cows were going down the other side, like the cows on Ute pass three rides ago. As a Peak Pedaler, I hope to inspire other kids to consider doing Ride The Rockies in the future. Read The Mitchman’s intro here.

Class of 2014

Megan Bunker

Speeding Beauty, Salt Lake City, Utah. The season of 2013 was my first cycling season. It was an amazingly fun journey that took me to the tops of awesome climbs and face-to-face with asphalt.