2021 Webinar Schedule

Webinar #1  Q& A with Tour Director Deirdre Moynihan

Tuesday, February 23, 2021  12pm  MT   Click here for recording of  webinar

There are many concerns about how Ride The Rockies will work in 2021 with COVID 19.  Masks? Buses? Aid Stations?  Tour Director Deirdre Moynihan will answer questions about bike tours during the pandemic.

Webinar #2  Coach Kathy Z. & Training for RTR & RTR Getaways

Thursday, March 4 – 12:00 PM MT      Click Here to Register

Kathy Zawadzki, RTR’s training partner and a USA Cycling Level 1 Coach, will talk about the 2021 RTR training plan. The Training Plan is is designed for the beginner to intermediate rider to be on top form for Ride the Rockies. With 418 miles and 28,000 ft of climbing, this is going to be a challenging event. Riders following a structured plan can make the most of their training time and build fitness faster. The objective is to help each rider achieve their goals – whether that is simply feeling good at the end of the day OR hitting a few PR’s throughout the ride.
Kathy Zawadzki
  • Director, Endurance Sports Division, Fast Labs
  • USA Cycling Elite / Level 1 Coach
  • M.A. in Exercise Science
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • ACSM Health Fitness Specialist
  • Co-Author Eat Right to Train Right
  • Works with all levels: Recreational, Masters, Competitive

Webinar #3  Ride Inside with Joe Friel & Jim Rutberg

Thursday March 11, 2021 12pm MT  Click here to register

Top Cycling Coaches Joe Friel and Jim Rutberg will discuss their new book RIDE INSIDE, a smart guide to getting more fitness from every indoor cycling workout.

From bad weather to business travel to traffic safety, there are dozens of reasons why cyclists and triathletes take their rides inside. Although indoor cycling workouts offer the ultimate control over workout conditions, most inside riders don’t get the most out of their trainers or spin bikes.  Some of the aspects covered will be:

  • Mental aspects like motivation, focus, and enjoyment
  • Changes in upper body stability, posture, and pedaling technique on a stationary bike
  • Respiration, hydration, and cooling
  • Inherent changes in power output
  • Lower leg tension and eccentric loading from flywheel momentum
  • Lower effort from lack of terrain changes, headwinds, and crosswinds
  • Road-like feel
  • Different shifting patterns

All these differences of indoor riding add up to a big impact when the rubber hits the road.

All webinars will be recorded and posted for those that cannot make the webinar!